What tea is used for Basilur brand?

Basilur is a 100% Pure Ceylon tea product. We have a range of Ceylon 'high grown', 'medium grown' and low grown teas. High grown & low grown black teas are also available with or without flavours. There are also a number of flavoured & non-flavoured green teas are available within the range.

Is Basilur Leaf Tea better than tea bags?

Occasionally, tea connoisseurs will express contempt for tea bags, for the following reasons:

 1. Tea bags usually contain lower quality, broken grades so that they will infuse quickly. 
2. Whole leaf teas come in a larger number of varieties; and the most interesting and enjoyable teas are sometimes not available in bags.
3. Connoisseurs like to have something to sneer at.

How do I make the perfect cup of Basilur tea?

Water quality 
We recommend using non-chlorinated water for brewing tea, especially for green teas. Chlorinated tap water destroys the flavour of tea.

Water temperature 
We suggest that one should not use boiling water straight on to the tea leaves. The reason is that boiling water tends to cook & stew the tea leaves. In addition, when water is boiled oxygen evaporates & the crisp mineral texture in the brew disappears. Especially the green teas should be steeped with well below boiling water. That is at temperatures not exceeding 50-85 degrees Celsius. But black teas can be steeped near boiling water that gives the tea a fuller body.

Quantity of leaves

Tea should be made to match your personal taste. Our suggestion is to always use lesser amount of leaves & steep longer. This provides more control to the tea drinker. Secondly we recommend avoiding tight metal ball strainers or narrow teapots. Pure tea leaves offer the best flavour when provided ample room to brew & exude their best.

Finally we prefer letting the leaves sit in the water and not necessarily straining them out. Good quality tea leaves when used in correct quantities will not go bitter unless left for a very long time.

Steeping time

For conventional style of green tea brewing we recommend to use 1.5 grammes of green tea & brew for 3-5 minutes.

For conventional style of black tea brewing we recommend to use 2 grammes of black tea leaves to be steeped in a pot for 3-4 minutes. Black tea can be steeped with near boiling water since these teas are harder than green teas.